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Scientific Translation

Scapha Translations offers translation and proofreading services for a wide range of scientific fields. Researcher scientists, instrument manufacturers, and universities have all turned to Scapha Translations for their scientific translation needs. Scapha Translations specializes in the translation of scientific studies, dissertations, patents, equipment documentation, research reports and more.

The key to quality scientific translation.

Scientific translation involves much more than the rote conversion of specialized terminology into another language. In order to produce a truly accurate translation, experience with the subject matter at hand is essential. I maintain a varied network of translators - many of them former or practicing scientists - in order to serve my clients' specialized translation needs. No matter how esoteric your area of research, rely on Scapha Translations to provide you with a technically exacting and stylistically professional translation.

My service guarantee.

Quality is my watchword. I guarantee you'll receive a top-quality scientific translation that meets or exceeds your high standards. I constantly strive to provide the best possible service for my clients, and only work with experienced and skilled scientific translators.

My languages.

Scapha Translations offers scientific translation services for the following language pairs:

Translation made easy.

My scientific translation service couldn't be easier. Just send me the document you need translated. Be sure to specify your deadlines or any special needs. Normally I can supply a price quote within one hour. I'm ready to work with you in a variety of file formats (including PDF, PPT, DOC, PSD, LaTeX, etc.) and I also accept rush jobs.

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