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Editing and proofreading.

Scapha Translations offers editing and proofreading services for English, German and French texts. I differentiate between editing and proofreading as follows:


Proofread texts are carefully checked for grammar, syntax and spelling errors. Occasional problems with style and usage are also corrected as necessary.


Edited texts are subjected to much greater scrutiny, making this service more expensive. Aside from the correction of grammatical and typographical errors, edited texts are carefully reviewed and revised to ensure they are clear, concise and consistent. Extensive re-writing may be involved to improve style and expession, or correct terminological issues.

Do I need editing or proofreading?

Admittedly, the boundaries between editing and proofreading can be fluid at times. I suggest simply sending the text you need revised. I'll review it, and provide you with a fixed quote based on your requirements and my estimation of the work involved.

Need something edited or proofread? Simply contact me for a quote.

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