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If you'd like to know the price for a specific text, please request a quote. If you'd like to know more about how I bill translations, please read on.

How are translations billed?

The price of a translation is dependant on several factors, including the deadline, language pair and subject matter. Scientific texts normally require a translator who is experienced with the field in question; marketing copy requires more polishing than an instruction manual; and certain file formats are more time-consuming to work with than others. Urgent translations are also subject to a special rush rate.

Calculating the price for a translation.

Translations are normally billed per word or per line. The accepted standard for a normal line is 55 characters including spaces.

If the translation is to be billed on a per word basis, calculating the price is simple. Just multiply the text's word count by the price per word. Most word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, include a feature for displaying a text's "word count."

If you would like to know how many lines are in your text, simply divide the character count (including spaces) - which can be displayed by most word processing programs - by 55. This is the text's length in DIN standard lines.

I usually quote and bill translations based on a text's word count. If you'd like to know the price per line, simply ask when requesting a quote.

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