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About Scapha Translations

What you should know about the translation agency

'Scapha' is the Greek word for 'boat'. I see my translation agency as the boat which will carry your text safely over from one shore to the other – that is, from one language into another.

Perhaps you have been 'shipwrecked' before by other agencies – the translation was inaccurate, clumsy or late. That won't happen with Scapha Translations. I personally check every text before I send it out to my clients.

I am a fully qualified translator, and above all one with a passion for translating. For that reason, I prefer to carry out translations in my subject areas and into my mother tongue myself. For translations in other subject areas and language combinations I work very closely with qualified translators and editors, many of whom have become personal friends. I know their strengths and areas of expertise, and I can guarantee the high quality of their work.

In addition, I am available for my clients for direct personal consultation at any time. That means that your calls will never be kept on hold and that your e-mails will never lie unanswered in the wrong Inbox.

I'm pleased that you have found your way to my website, and I would be very happy to respond to any enquiries.

Christiane Focking


What you should know about me

"Mom, what does 'd'accord' mean?" That was the question that marked the beginning of my fascination with languages. I acquired the tools and the craft of translation by learning Latin and subsequently studied several 'living' languages as well. Today I hold a degree in French studies and I am a state certified translator.

My early professional experience was as assistant manager in medium-sized and large enterprises. In 2007 I started working for myself. At last I was able to focus on texts in my specialist areas of economics, humanities and business.

My first venture was to set up, together with a colleague, the translation network Genial Translations. Later I founded my own translation agency, Scapha Translations.

In between numerous periods spent abroad in France, Ireland, Morocco and the USA, I would always return to stay in the city of my birth, Berlin, where I live today.

© 2007 Christiane Focking