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Areas of Expertise

Academic translation.

Economists, psychologists, archaeologists and political scientists have relied on Scapha Translations for the translation and proofreading of their presentations, journal articles and dissertations. I'm ready to match you with an experienced language professional to translate or edit your adademic work.

Scientific translation.

I maintain a network of translators with expertise in various scientific disciplines; many of them are former or practicing professors and researchers. Contact me for the translation of your scientific reports, articles, and dissertations. No matter what your subfield, I'm ready to deliver a precise, terminologically accurate translation.

Business communications.

Companies from a broad range of industries have turned to Scapha Translations for the translation and proofreading of their audit reports, internal documents, PowerPoint presentations, contracts, and more. Present a professional face to your partners with business texts that are translated in a smooth, literate style.

Marketing translation.

Don't settle for a bland and stilted translation. Scapha Translations provides for the effective and high-impact translation of your advertising copy, tailor-fit to your target audience and advertising goals. Scapha Translations can help you succeed internationally with professionally translated marketing texts.

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